Owing to its reliability and treatment predictability, bovine bone

grafting material is the material of choice for the majority of

dentists. cerabone® is a highly reliable, dimensionally stable and

safe bone graft


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Owing to its reliability and treatment predictability, bovine bone
grafting material is the material of choice for the majority of
dentists. cerabone® is a highly reliable, dimensionally stable and safe bone graft.

cerabone® is derived from the mineral phase of bovine bone,
which shows strong resemblance to the human bone with regard
to chemical composition, porosity, and surface structure. The pronounced hydrophilicity of the cerabone® surface supports a fast uptake of blood or saline, thus improving handling. Likewise, its three-dimensional porous network enables a fast penetration and adsorption of blood and serum proteins and serves as a reservoir for proteins and growth factors.
The unique manufacturing process based on high—temperature heating removes all organic and potentially antigenic components,making the material absolutely safe and free of proteins. cerabone® is the leading natural bovine bone grafting material of German
origin, as demonstrated by its clinical and scientific success.

— Natural bovine bone grafting material
— Long—term volumetric stability
— No foreign body or inflammatory reaction
— Rough surface, optimal cell adhesion, and blood absorption
— Interconnective porosity for rapid revascularization
— Safe and sterile
— Easy handling

Periodontology and
Oral and CMF Surgery
— Sinus lift
— Horizontal and vertical augmentation
— lntraosseous defects
— Peri-implant defects
— Extraction sockets
— Furcation defects

جزئیات محصول

maximum Safety

Safety due to patented manufacturing process including high temperature treatment (> 1200 °C)
For the production of cerabone® a unique manufacturing process was developed including high temperature treatment at > 1200 °C. This treatment reliably removes all organic components including potential bacteria, viruses and prions  and ensures maximum possible safety.

The purity of cerabone®, consisting solely of the mineral bone phase, was tested by different analytical methods  . In 2011 the high purity of cerabone® was confirmed by a leading biochemical laboratory. Final sterility of cerabone® is ensured by gamma irradiation.

Safety due to the source of the raw material
The sourcing of raw materials also contributes to the high safety of the final product. cerabone® is produced from bovine cancellous bone originating from registered abattoirs in New Zealand. According to the world organization for animal health New Zealand is a country with negligible risk for BSE .
A quality agreement with the abattoir allows the back tracing of individual animals. Additionally, a health certificate for every animal is issued by a veterinarian.

cerabone® is in compliance with the European guidelines
Both, the product cerabone® and its production process fulfill the German and EU-regulatory and security requirements for bovine bone grafts including DIN EN ISO 22442-1, DIN EN ISO 22 442-2 and DIN EN ISO 22442-3.

High Purity

For the production of cerabone® a special production process was developed based on the stepwise heating f the raw materials up to 1200°C.

Several studies demonstrated that heating to temperatures above 1000 °C reliably removes all organic components  and creates a crystalline

biologic bone apatite of high purity. Due to a special production procedure, the natural porosity and surface structure of the bone mineral

are not affected .

Porosity and Hydrofilicity

Interconnected pores and rough surface morphology are fundamental to good hydrophilicity. cerabone® is a highly porous bone graft with a porosity of ~65-80 % and a mean pore size of ~600-900 μm . Macro-pores allow fast ingrowth of blood vessels and bone-forming cells, while micro-pores promote quick blood uptake by the capillary effect. Due to their excellent hydrophilicity, the cerabone® particles quickly absorb liquids and adhere to each other after mixing, thereby facilitating handling. Adhesion of proteins and signaling molecules from the blood further improves the biological properties of cerabone®

Osteoconductive Scaffold With Rough Surface

 High porosity and rough surface morphology lay the basis for the good osteoconductivity of cerabone®. The cerabone® granules provide an excellent structure for adhesion and invasion of bone forming cells. The natural bone structure with interconnected pores allows complete integration of the implant due to the ingrowth of cells and blood vessels.

Osseous Integration and Permanent Structural Stability

The sintering process makes cerabone® a highly crystalline material that degrades very slowly under physiological conditions. cerabone® therefore presents remarkable volume stability

سایز محصول

cerabone® granules
Art.-No.      Particle Size      Content
1510       0.5 – 1.0 mm      0.5 ml
1511       0.5 – 1.0 mm      1.0 ml
1512       0.5 – 1.0 mm      2.0 ml
1515       0.5 – 1.0 mm      5.0 ml
1520       1.0 – 2.0 mm      0.5 ml
1521       1.0 – 2.0 mm      1.0 ml
1522       1.0 – 2.0 mm      2.0 ml
1525       1.0 – 2.0 mm      5.0 ml

cerabone® block

Art.-No.       Dimension        Content

1720      20 x 20 x 10 mm      block